There are many things you can do to make your time pass. But the joy and enjoyment I get from pokies is priceless. I’m addicted to gambling, and I love going to the casino whenever I feel bored. My android mobile allows me to play online pokies even if I’m not able to travel to the location.

Last Sunday when I was alone in the house and was watching a TV show. The show was based on the concept of quiz which gave rewards to the contestant. Influenced by that I made a search through online to find any poker game which would be related to that and I found Who Wants to Be a Stallionaire the most promising one. I went through the review of the blogs which forced me to make the download of the app in my mobile.

You will feel that this event is the easiest one. I can also say that it is the best for those who are just starting out. This game is a single-line of pay, with three reels. It was designed by microgaming. This one is simple. You will need to match the symbols on all active lines. The maximum payout can be achieved by hitting three symbols simultaneously.

There are many symbols which are used in this one and they are very funny too such as the cigars, carrots bars and many fruits slots with the icon of seven. Graphics of this one is very simple and attractive and the sound quality of this one is pleasing which will not allow peeping out of the screen.